Complete machine overhauls

In our workshop we are regularly executing complete overhauls of our customers’ machines. Some of these machines are made in the 60s and 70s of the last century and have been in operation for several thousands of operating hours. None the less, these machines are not yet at the end of their lifetime. After a complete overhaul and modification they can easily be used in our customers’ production for another 20 years or even longer. End products, of course, can be subject to technical changes but all in all production technologies remain the same.
For this reason, a complete machine overhaul very often is more efficient than buying a new machine. When we overhaul machines of our customers, we consider their technical and process-engineering requests so that they get tailor-made, completely overhauled machines that are as good as new.

In the course of a complete overhaul, standard extruders can also be retrofitted to pin-type extruders, vacuum extruders or pin-type vacuum extruders. Thus, existing machines can be matched to new process-engineering needs.

Also, existing and overhauled extruders and production line components can easily be combined with new machines and components to build an “up-to-date comprehensive package” with considerable savings in cost.