Problems in removal of machine components

Whenever our customers have problems in dismantling extrusion screws or extruder liners from their seats, we are using our mobile special equipment. When doing these jobs, it is important to have sufficient knowledge on the assembly and dismantling of this kind of machinery because very often an inappropriate dismantling of machine parts results in additional damage on these machines. Our specialists have longstanding experience in extruder repairs and by using our special equipment, we are able to press out machine parts with pressing forces of up to 100 tons.

Sometimes, extrusion screws get stuck in their gearbox seats because of seal leakages on extrusion screw temperature systems. Then, it is not possible to remove extruder screws with the help of the tools originally supplied with the extruder. So, extruder screws must be removed by force and very often other machine components are damaged, as well. In these cases, our specialists use our tailor-made press-out equipment and so, extruder screws can be pressed out of their seats with almost no effort.


Same applies to extruder liners which get stuck over the years in their seats. These liners can be removed only by using our special tools which we bring along in our service vehicle in order to reduce our customers’ machine idle times as much as possible.