Spare Parts

Our customers regularly make use of our spare parts service. We offer and supply spare parts at fair prices. Moreover, we constantly try to improve technical details of the components so that our customers’ production processes become safer and the downtimes and error rates are lowered.

Spare parts for UHF (Microwave) Systems

From special ball bearings for vulcanization lines with a lifetime of more than 12 months instead of a 8 weeks’ lifetime of normal bearings, through to complete modification of machine assembly groups.
For a variety of machine, we can supply spare parts directly from our stock. So our customers profit not only from our price advantages but also from a quick disposability of spare parts.
Make use of these advantages for your company, as well!!

Spare parts for Feeding Rolls

We make our spare parts based on our continuously growing drawing records but also very often based on sample parts or specifications provided by our customers. In such cases, it is of great importance to know what kind of measures have to be taken from the sample and how to measure the details. Our engineering department creates the manufacturing drawings based on the data measured before. This approach ensures great accuracy of fit and long durability of the spare parts we make.

Hopper section liners and barrel liners for Rubber Extruders

For making our spare parts we use the same materials and same material treatments like the machine manufacturers. Therefore, our spare parts are of same high quality and reliability like the parts made by the machine manufacturers.